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rss 02-11-15

Turkish Retail Continues to Grow


Good news for both retailers and investors as the Turkish retail sector continues to expand. Total household spending is predicted to increase by around 5% in the period from 2016-2019. This presents a whole range of opportunities according to …



Our ProjectsOverview

Our hotel and resort projects, carrying internationally recognised brand names will offer visitors the unforgettable holiday experience they are looking for with a distinctively local flavour, and will provide our purchasers with sustained financial returns for many years to come.

We are currently focussing on the Akbuk area of Turkey. With its beautiful setting, sloping naturally from pine forests down to the white sands and unbelievably blue seascape of the Turkish Aegean sea beyond.

Our resorts are constructed to a very high standard, providing impressive accommodation, outstanding leisure and recreation facilities, and unique dining experiences. All are fully managed to deliver the ultimate guest experience.